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The San Antonio Quarterback Club, founded 1947, is one of the oldest national Quarterback Clubs in the country. Our mission is to promote, support and financially assist the Gridiron Heroes Spinal Cord Injury Foundation, which provides acute and long term resources to individuals who have sustained a spinal cord injury in a high school football-related event. In accomplishing our mission we bring our people together to hear outstanding guest speakers who have coached, played, broadcasted or written about the game we love. 

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Gridiron Heroes Spinal Cord Injury Foundation provides immediate, as well as, long term resources and support to individuals sustaining a catastrophic spinal cord injury through activities associated with high school football.

Gridiron Heroes is a 501 (C) 3 Non-Profit organization.

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Our members aren't just members of a club, we are members of our community.  Our mission is to generate communication about the game we love and giving back to Gridiron Heroes. At each meeting, you get a chance to contribute to these efforts. We believe that sportsmanship doesn't stop at the edge of the field.

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Download the membership form and bring to the next meeting with the membership dues. *Cash or check only* 

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